Dental Extractions


Do you need an extraction?

On occasion, one or more teeth may become problematic due to improper care, decay, or even injury. In these situations, extracting the tooth or teeth in question may be the preferred treatment. If left intact, these teeth can cause further issue with the gums and surrounding teeth. Prior to removal, we will carefully inspect the teeth in question and take x-rays to diagnose further. Once the structure of the tooth and bone are noted, we can make notes and refer you to an oral surgeon if needed. This is especially important if the extraction is expected to be challenging.

Extractions Are Useful When

  • A tooth has decayed to the point where treatment is not beneficial
  • A tooth has the potential to cause further disease of the gums and surrounding teeth
  • A tooth is impacted or fractured beyond repair
  • It is necessary to make orthodontic corrections or remove poorly-positioned teeth
  • Infection has overtaken the tooth and cannot be treated properly

Wisdom teeth extraction

While it may be necessary to remove normal teeth, wisdom teeth may present further challenges. Since wisdom teeth can grow in at odd angles and put pressure on healthy teeth, removal is typically recommended. These teeth are located at the back of your mouth behind your molars and are typically considered “extra teeth” that serve no true purpose. However, these teeth can become trapped under the gums or become impacted, which can adversely affect your oral health.

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