When we use fillings

When you have a cavity, or a tooth is affected by some degree of decay, a filling can often be a reliable fix. If a filling is needed, your dentist will remove the decayed material from your tooth. After cleaning the area thoroughly, a filling material will be inserted to provide a seal. Once this hardens, it forms a sturdy barrier that prevents bacteria from gathering in the cavity. This will protect your tooth and ensure further decay does not take place. There are three materials typically used for fillings:

  • Amalgam (or silver) fillings are durable and thus wear less easily over time. Since silver fillings are darker in color and thus do not match your teeth, it is often recommended for teeth that remain out of clear sight
  • Composite plastic fillings can be color matched to your tooth, and thus appear more natural than their silver counterparts. However, composites wear more quickly and can become stained by coffee and some foods
  • Porcelain fillings are created in the lab and are bonded to your tooth. They can be color matched, resist staining, and often cover the entire area. For this reason, porcelain is less noticeable (and more natural) than other options


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