Inlays & Onlays


What are they?

When your tooth is damaged or has decayed slightly, inlays and on-lays can be great options to prevent further issues. Cast from porcelain, these provide customized protection against bacteria and fractures. Used as a restorative measure, inlays and on-lays are used to repair minor problems caused by injuries or cavities. For this reason, these are very similar to “patches” that are both durable and color matched to resemble your natural teeth


If you are in need of dental inlay or onlay and don't have an appointment or would like to get a consultation on what options would be best for you. Please give our conveniently located Houston office a call at 713-722-8400 or use the form to the right to request an appointment today!


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    At Brighten Dental Houston we accept most major insurances, cash, and credit cards. We offer help from third-party financing lenders as well as several in-house payment plans. This way, you can schedule your treatment without the fear of not being able to pay.