Pediatric Dentistry


Your kids need a great foundation

Brighten Dental in Houston pride ourselves on being a family-friendly office and specialize in providing pain-free care to younger patients. Accordingly, we welcome you to bring the whole family in for your dental needs! Our team will explain proper dental care to your children in understandable terms, without intimidating them. Younger patients don’t need to fear the dentist. As such, we welcome you to bring them by for your own cleanings and checkups.

Starting your child’s oral care on the right foot is important in developing a healthy smile. Our professionals want to help educate your children to develop good habits of brushing and flossing. It’s also important to keep in mind that sugary foods can cause decay at an early age, which makes proper care more important. This is especially true with developing teeth. As your child’s teeth come in and mature, we’ll be there every step of the way to manage and growing pains and other discomfort. As always, we’ll also monitor and help prevent any cavities from presenting themselves from infancy to adolescence.

Not only that, but tackling small problems before they grow will make each visit easier on your young ones. Our dental cleanings and regular checkups will ensure that your child carries their beautiful smile into adulthood.

If you are in need of dental office that will make your children feel comfortable and right at home or would like to get a consultation on what options would be best for your children. Please give our conveniently located Houston office a call at 713-722-8400 or use the form to the right to request an appointment today!


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