Sedation Dentistry


Assist in the numbing and pain of dental work

We understand that a trip to the dentist’s office can be stressful. For lengthier or more-involved procedures, you may be able to take advantage of sedation. When sitting in the chair makes you feel anxious, our staff will do their best to make you comfortable.

Patients may also elect to be sedated during delicate procedures to avoid pain and discomfort. Although we do our best to provide pain-free care, some patients are more sensitive than others – especially when pesky dental problems arise. For things like root canals and wisdom tooth removal, please feel free to discuss your options with your dental professional.

Two of the most common sedation dentistry techniques are summarized below.


Nitrrous oxide or sometimes called laughing gas is a specific type of sedation which is very common in dentistry. The dentist will use a small mask which is placed over the nose and mouth of the patient allowing them to inhale a very controlled amount of nitrous oxide. This particular sedation does not put the patient to sleep and you will be completely responsive during the procedure. With the use of the "laughing gas" you will instead feel very relaxed and calm. After the completion of your procedure the dentist will make you inhale oxygen to slowly eliminate the effects of the nitrous oxide sedation.


As opposed to nitrous oxide, general anesthesia will actually put you to sleep for the duration of your procedure. Much like a major surgery you will not remember the procedure or feel any pain or discomfort because there is a loss of consciousness while you are under this type of sedation. With this type of sedation, you must be aware that there are a lot more risks which your dentist will go over with you as well as review your medical history. By doing these checks they will be able to make sure you are a good candidate for this type of sedation for your dental procedure.

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