Straighten your teeth with clear braces

For those who dislike the look and feel of traditional braces, Invisalign is the perfect alternative. Invisalign fits patients with customized, progressive trays made of plastic. These trays are popular, as this clear plastic is virtually invisible.

Your dentist will take detailed photographs of your teeth to ensure proper initial fit. Once your trays are created, the treatment period begins. As time passes, the trays are adjusted to gradually move your teeth into their proper positions. Your dentist will typically switch from tray to tray every two weeks until your Invisalign treatment comes to an end. We typically prefer you check in every 6-8 weeks to make sure your teeth are progressing. During this process, you may remove your trays to eat and drink as needed.

As with traditional braces, you will later be fitted for a retainer to keep your teeth in position over time.

If you are looking into clear braces like the invisalign system or would like to get a consultation on what options would be best for you. Please give our conveniently located Houston office a call at 713-722-8400 or use the form to the right to request an appointment today!


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